Pin Types

When it comes to custom lapel pins, there are lots of types to choose from. We don't expect you to know which one would be best for your needs. But to help you understand the various process's we have outlined a few of the more popular types.


The process

Not sure where to start when considering a custom lapel pin. No problem, it's actually fairly easy and we have explained the procedure from start to finish.



It's really hard to give you an exact price without first determining which type of custom lapel pin manufacturing process would be best suited to your style of lapel pin. But we can give you some pretty close examples as to the cost of a few popular types.


Custom Lapel Pins
"The Final Touch"

At Pins n’ Crests we take great pride in supplying our customers with high quality Custom Lapel Pins. For years lapel pins have provided that “Final Touch” when promoting your brand or event. Some might say, “but it’s just a pin”, which is true. However if that custom lapel pin is a symbol of your brand or event, it has to be perfect in every detail.

Don’t worry about where to start we can help with all the details and let you know what type and size of custom lapel pin would be best for your needs. We do not make cheap election style buttons or pvc pins. Our trained artists can help with your design, even if all that you have is just an idea. Take a look at our Gallery page and see some of our completed projects.

Nova Scotia Custom Lapel Pins

Next Steps...

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