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Vancouver based promotional products supplier Pinsncrests, will provide you with the highest quality custom lapel pin at a fair price. We have been helping companies, sports teams and schools, promote their cause since 1955.
We are conveniently located in Vancouver BC.

Our products include, custom lapel pins, id card lanyards and embroidered crests.

Pinsncrests, Our Story..

Pinsncrests was established as a promotional products supplier in 1955 as N.K Souviners by Mr Norbert Kamning. Pin by pin Mr Kamning expanded the business to the point where it grew into one of the largest suppliers of custom lapel pins in Canada. Mr Kamning was an avid skier and he focused his marketing towards the many ski resorts in Canada.

There is probably not one single ski resort in Canada that we haven’t designed a lapel pin for. In those days all of the designs were hand drawn and coloured and then faxed to the factory for production.

Mr Kamming also supplied promotional products to Governments, schools and large corporations. Unfortunately Mr Kamning fell ill with Parkinsons disease and was unable to continue operating N.K Souviniers.

After Mr Kamnings passing with little activity, the remaining assets and inventory were acquired by
David Bristow of Bowen island.

Since then we have reconnected with many of our old clients as well as acquiring 100’s of new clients.

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British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame

This pin was designed for the BC Sports Hall of Fame
Honored Members Award.

It is a die stamped process using a soft enamel fill and gold plating