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Lapel Pin Creations..

The images shown below are of some of our completed lapel pin creations. We are proud to have been selected to represent some of Canada's finest companies and organizations as shown on the pins.

When designing a lapel pin it's best to keep the size to a minimum. The last thing that you want is a lapel pin that looks more like a sign than a piece of jewelry.

All of our lapel pins are 80% hand made and hand colored. For a step by step example as to how a lapel pin is made
please read our process page.

There are also many different types of process's for making lapel pins visit our page pertaining to pin types to get an idea as to what type might be best for you.

But hey, we don't expect you to know which process is best for you that's why we will work with you to determine the best type and style for your needs.