Lapel Pin Pricing

Lapel Pin Pricing

Lapel pin pricing can be confusing  there are many things that affect the final price. However the 2 main factors that affect the price are size and quantity of the finished lapel pin.

BC Sports Hall of Fame Honored Members Pin

When shopping around for a custom lapel pin, don't be fooled by the offer of the lowest price. As with most purchases you get what you pay for. We do however offer all schools and hospitals a 25% discount off our regular prices.

At Pins n' Crests we don't claim to have the lowest price, offer free shipping and a 3 day turn around.

But we will offer to produce the best quality lapel pin for your needs at a fair price.

Our partner factories are ISO certified for environmental compliance and have produced lapel pins for some of the worlds largest companies including. Disney, Universal Studios, Coke and many others.

We have used the same factory exclusively since 1955

Give us a shout anytime and we will be happy to quote on your pins requirements,


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