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Lapel Pins

At Pinsncrests we make beautiful pins, pins that you would be proud to wear on your best suit. Each pin is made to stunning detail. Browse our various types of pins, crests, and lanyardsContact us at any time to discuss your lapel pin requirements. Did we mention that we also make great school awards pins.

We are a proud participant pin supplier to the BC Winter Games



Our lanyards are made to last, we have many different styles and type of lanyards. Each lanyard is either printed or stitched with your branding information. There are dozens of different types of attachments that can be used with any of our high quality lanyards.
Contact us to discuss your pins crests and lanyards requirements.

We are a proud lanyard supplier for the BC Winter Games


Jacket Crests

Patches and crests made to your exact specifications. We have many different process's as well as an endless supply of color combinations. We have supplied varsity jacket crests to all kinds of schools for years.

Also available from Pinsncrests

  • Custom golf divot tools and ball markers
  • Corporate branded cufflinks
  • Branded challenge coins
  • Sports medals
  • Keychains
  • Branded bottle openers

Weather you're looking for Pins, Crests or Lanyards, we can supply them all.

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