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Lapel Pin Types


Lapel Pin types shown below are the various types of pins that are available, from Pinsncrests. Your final pin design, will define which process is the best fit for the manufacturing of your lapel pin.
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Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

Hard Enamel

Hard enamel pins, commonly known as Cloisonne are smooth to the touch. They are die struck from a sheet of copper. And then they are hand-filled with mineral ore powder and kiln fired one at a time, at a temperature of 800 degrees centigrade. This produces a jewellery like finish on the pin.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel pins have always been the most popular types of pins. They have a raised and textured look and feel. There is a thin piece of raised metal that separates each color.
Don't be confused by the word "soft enamel". It wont rub off on your clothes !

BC Games Photo Etched Lapel Pin

Photo Etched


Photo etched lapel pins are made by taking a picture of your design and then transferring a negative of the design onto the surface of the pin. Then a chemical based process is used and  the design is etched into the metal, and filled with soft enamel.

Offset Printed Lapel Pin

Offset Printed

If your design has a lot of detail. It is preferable to make a printed pin. That way none of the detail has to be sacrificed in the production of the pin.

Die Cast Lapel Pin

Die Cast

Die cast pins are made by pouring liquid zinc into a mold. Then after the metal cools and hardens it takes on the details and shape of the mold, creating a 3D effect. And then it can be plated in any of our plating colours.

Pin Fasteners

Pins N Crests Butterfly Clutch
Standard Clutch

The most popular methods of attaching pins is the butterfly clutch. When you squeeze the butterfly wings it releases the pin from the post.

Rubber Clutch

Rubber clutches are a simple but effective substitute for the standard clutch. These are better suited when the clutch might rub against bare skin.

Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic pin backs are a great solution to prevent punctured shirts.
These are a great solution if the pin has to be removed and installed frequently.
Warning do not use if you have a pacemaker.


This is a locking fastener. Pulling upwards upwards on the button, releases its grip on the pin post.

Jewelry Clutch

Jewelry clutches provide an extra layer of loss protection.

Lapel Pin Hairpin fastener
Safety Clasp

Safety clasps are similar to a safety pin in design. A long pin prong tucks under a small hook or clasp to hold the pin in place.

Lapel Pin and Challenge Coin Edge Options

Challenge Coin Edge Designs

Check out our selection of presentation options for your completed pin.

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