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Is proud to have been able to supply custom school lapel pins to some of Canada's most prestigious universities and institutions. Including UBC , SFU , UNBC , UVIC , and others.
Pins are great keepsakes and are treasured by foreign exchange students. And are often traded with exchange students from other countries.
School Pins are an item that students tend to keep forever, especially if it is an achievement award pin.
A school sports pin goes a long way to add that final touch to your teams uniform. Custom pins are a great way to promote your organization when soliciting foreign exchange students.
They are a great fundraising tool and always sell out generating extra funds for the fundraising cause. Also they can be offered for sale at year end with the year books.
Some schools have different pins for each department or team such as a general school pin, sports team mascot pin, academic pin and others.

Schools and Universities are eligible for a 25% discount

Schools can use lapel pins in a variety of ways to promote school spirit, recognize achievements, and foster a sense of community among students, teachers, and staff. Here are some common ways that schools might use lapel pins:

Student Recognition:

Schools often award lapel pins to students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance, leadership, or character. These pins can be a way to recognize and celebrate students' achievements, and they can also serve as a motivator for other students to strive for excellence.


We can create special lapel pins to commemorate graduation ceremonies. These pins can be given to graduates as a keepsake and a way to remember their time at the school.


Schools can create lapel pins as a way to raise funds for various school initiatives or charities. These pins can be sold to students, parents, and community members as a way to show support for the school and its programs.

School Spirit:

Schools have created lapel pins featuring their school mascot, logo, or colors as a way to promote school spirit and pride. These pins can be given to students, teachers, and staff to wear on their clothing or bags.

Teacher Appreciation:

Lapel pins are often created by schools to recognize and appreciate their teachers and staff. These pins can be given as a thank-you for their hard work and dedication to the school community.

Overall, lapel pins are a versatile and effective way for schools to promote school spirit, recognize achievements, and foster a sense of community among students, teachers, and staff.

Give us a shout to see how your organization can benefit with a lapel pin representing your school.

We also offer school lanyards, sports team crests, varsity crests and sports medals.

 Graduating Class Reunions

Celebrate your graduating class reunion with a custom reunion pin for each attendee. Grad reunion pins make a great keepsake.

School Lapel pins make great fund raising items.

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