Team Sports Lapel Pins

We have been supplying custom team sports lapel pins to some of British Columbia's most elite clubs and organizations since 1955. Contact us to find out how a custom lapel pin can help to promote your club or league.

Team trading pins can help to dress up any team uniform. Pins are great keepsakes and are often traded between teams.

We also have produced lapel pins for many other types of clubs. including social clubs, yacht clubs, bridge clubs, retirees clubs and lots of others.

At Pins n’ Crests we take great pride in supplying our customers with high quality Custom Lapel Pins. For years lapel pins have provided that “Final Touch” when promoting your brand or event. Some might say, “but it’s just a pin”, which is true. However if that custom lapel pin is a symbol of your brand or event, it has to be perfect in every detail.

Below are some examples of our club and team pins.

Sports Team Lapel Pins

Great to trade with other teams We also make great awards medals.