Pinsncrests has been supplying custom lapel pins and embroidered crests to some of British Columbia's most elite clubs and organizations since 1955.

Lapel pins are fantastic for club members! They not only signify membership but also foster a sense of belonging and pride. Here are some ideas to consider when designing lapel pins for clubs:

We can Incorporate the club's logo or emblem into the design. This ensures that the pin represents the club distinctly.
By using the club's colors in the design we reinforce its identity and create visual consistency with other club materials.

Club pins can help to dress up any uniform. Pins are great keepsakes and are often traded between clubs.

We also have produced lapel pins for many other types of clubs. including social clubs, yacht clubs, hockey teams, baseball teams, bridge clubs, retirees clubs and lots of others.

Custom embroidered Jacket crests and lanyards are also offered.

Contact us to find out how a custom lapel pin can help to promote your club or league.

Clubs can benefit from using lapel pins or lanyards in several ways, including:

Promotion and Branding:

Lapel pins and lanyards can be designed with the club's logo, name or slogan, which helps to promote the club and create a strong brand identity. Members can wear the lapel pins or lanyards at events, meetings, or in public, increasing the club's visibility and recognition.

Member Identification:

Lanyards can be used to hold membership cards or identification badges, making it easier for club members to identify each other at events or meetings. Lapel pins can also be used to identify club members and distinguish them from non-members.


Lapel pins and lanyards can be sold to members and supporters as a fundraising tool. The pins and lanyards can be designed with unique features or limited edition designs to make them more valuable and sought after by collectors.


Lapel pins and lanyards can be used to commemorate special events, milestones or achievements of the club, such as anniversaries, championships, or fundraising campaigns. Members can wear the pins or lanyards as a symbol of pride and accomplishment.

Incentives and Rewards:

Lapel pins and lanyards can be used as incentives or rewards for members who have achieved certain goals, such as completing a training program, volunteering, or attending a certain number of events. This helps to motivate members and create a sense of camaraderie and loyalty within the club.

Overall, using lapel pins and lanyards can help clubs to promote their brand, identify members, fundraise, commemorate events, and incentivize and reward members.

Below are some examples of our club and team pins.


One of our most memorable projects is the pin that we designed for the BC Sports Hall of Fame Honored Members Club.

BC Sports Hall of Fame Honored Members Pin


Below are some examples of our club and team pins.