Uniform Lapel Pins

We have made custom uniform lapel pins for all types of them. Police, Fire, Ambulance. Coast Guard and more.

You don't have to be a police officer, fireman or ambulance attendant to wear a uniform lapel pin.

Lot's of other business's and trades benefit from wearing a lapel pin. For instance a delivery driver shows up at your door and he's wearing the std uniform with his name on it as well as a company lapel pin. It just add's that "Final Touch" to any uniform.

Here is an example of a simple yet effective Uniform lapel Pin. This pin was made for the Air Canada Flight Attendants training program.

This is a 3/4" diameter stamped brass pin with a nickel plating and sandblasted background.

Here is a very stylish uniform lapel pin that was designed and made for the town of Kitimat B.C

This pin was created by using a 3D mold with polished nickel plating and soft enamel fill. Kitimat uses this pin not only as a municipal lapel pin but also as a giveaway to visiting vip's etc

City of Kitimat custom lapel pins
City of Kitimat B.C snowflake custom 3D lapel pin

This is another example of a very stylish lapel pin. This is a crest that was made for the Leduc Alberta fire dept.

This is a complex style in the sense that it is a die cast 3D design with both hard enamel and silk screening.

Die cast pins are simple but very effective.

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We would be happy to give you a quote on turning your design into a custom lapel pin.

Here are a few examples of some recent custom uniform lapel pin projects.